Cross-referencing is one of the most powerful tools in AcctVantage. Used throughout AcctVantage, it allows you to quickly search for a list of records in one window based on a selection of records in a related window. Cross-referencing can quickly become an indispensable part of your routine.

For example, let’s say you are reviewing a Client record want to see all of the Sales entered for that Client. Simply highlight the Client record, in the Client List View, and then open the Sales Order List View. On the Sales Order screen, use the Cross-reference tool to find records related to the Client screen. The result will be a list of all Sales Orders for that Client!

*See below for an illustration of this example.

One last thing to note: If you highlight a record in the "From" window, the cross-reference in the "To" window will only display records based on that one selection. However, if nothing is highlighted in the "From" window, the cross-reference in the "To" window will assume everything in the "From" window is the current selection and will display corresponding records based on that.

1. Highlight a Client in the Client list view.

2. Cross-reference to the Sales Order Window.