Total in list view appears as “> LIMIT”

The sum shown in the bottom row of some columns in list view is constrained to a maximum number of records which is set in the System Setup. If the current number of records exceeds this setting, instead of a total the word LIMIT appears.

This constraint is in place to optimize efficiency of performance in the system. If memory and hardware is adequate, the limit can be raised so that totals may be displayed on larger numbers of records in the list view.

Before changing the List View Limit setting

  1. Go to Administration ➤ System Setup.
  2. Select the Tools & Custom tab.
  3. In the List View Limit field, enter the desired value (e.g. 100,000).
  4. Click OK to close the System Setup screen.
  5. Close any relevant windows and re-open them to see the new change take effect.

After changing the List View Limit setting

Warning: If you set the List View Limit setting too high, it could cause performance issues with your system. If this happens, you will want to simply reduce the number of records until the performance returns to normal.