AcctVantage ERP 2009 - Release Notes

AV Server Version 2009.3.0.8 was the final release in the AcctVantage ERP 2009 Series.

AV 2009.3.0.8

Preferences - Change setting on Preferences:Client-Server:Configuration:4D Open to have 'All Groups' selected in the drop down menu. Nothing was selected previously.

AV 2009.3.0.7

Job Cost - Bug Fix: Choice list for Misc Job items, Category field, was not user modifiable.

AV 2009.3.0.6

Jobs - New Feature: Labor Job Items now allow entry of hours and total, which will cause the rate to be calculated.

Jobs - New Feature: Misc Job Items now track Employee (lookup), Category (choice list) and Subtotal Type (Labor, Material, Misc or None).

XML Import - Change: Suppress dialogs during XML imports.

AV 2009.3.0.5

AR Aging - Bug Fix: View AR Aging list view was not properly displaying fields from the Client table.

List Views - Bug Fix: For all list views, ensure that fields from related one tables display properly.

AV 2009.3.0.4

Accounts Payable - Bug Fix: On the Print Checks screen, the account balance field was not moving when the window was resized.

AP Vouchers - Bug Fix: Non-inventory lines on AP Vouchers were causing posting errors.

Jobs - Bug Fix: Newly added custom lists were not modifiable.

AV 2009.3.0.3

Clients - Bug Fix: Add missing keyboard shortcut for Client detail screen tab 4.

Clients - Bug Fix: Add missing keyboard shortcuts for Sales Master detail screen tabs 4 and 5.

Clients - Bug Fix: Remove non-functioning 'Jobs' tab from Client detail screen.

Jobs - New Feature: Added support for job invoice item cost markup.

Jobs - New Feature: Added support for job labor item cost markup.

Jobs - New Feature: Added job sub-total fields to the upper right corner of the 2nd tab of the Jobs detail screen.

Jobs - New Feature: Added job sub-total fields to the upper right corner of the 2nd tab of the Jobs detail screen.

Jobs - New Feature: Add a custom (scripted) button to the Job Commission screen.

Jobs - New Feature: Add pop-up choice lists to all the custom fields in the 2nd through 5th columns on the main tab.

Jobs - New Feature: Added 'Lead Source' field to the Job detail screen.

Jobs - New Feature: The field label for the Due Date field on the job detail screen is now customizable.

Jobs - New Feature: Custom fields on the bottom of the main tab of the Job detail screen will be invisible if they have no label text.

Jobs - New Feature: Added a 5th column of five custom fields to the first tab on the Jobs screen.

Jobs - Change: Change the label of the 'Complete Date' field on the Job Commission tab to 'Actual Finish Date'.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Product 'Quick Create' was causing a series of error messages.

XML Import - Bug Fix: XML import was not handling client credit card info properly.

AV 2009.3.0.2

Jobs - Bug Fix: Many Commission tab bug fixes; reformat Commission tab.

Jobs - When a client is selected, fill the Project Location address with the default client address.

Shipping Exchange - Bug Fix: The shipping exchange log was listing invisible files as invalid shipping exchange files. These files are now ignored.

XML Import - Bug Fix: Ship To Address was being retained beyond the order to which it applied.

AV 2009.3.0.1

Credit Cards - Bug Fix: PCI Compliance minor bug fixes.

General - Bug Fix: Fixed a bug assigning IDs to Inventory Quantity Reserve records that could cause the server to freeze in high volume environments.

Inventory - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, importing orders with kits via XML could cause Qty Reserve Sales to be off.

Inventory - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, back ordering kits could cause Qty Reserve Sales to be off.

Purchase Orders - Bug Fix: For Void or Closed PO detail, ensure Remaining Qty is zero.

Purchase Orders - Bug Fix: For Open or Received PO detail, ensure Remaining Qty is Order Qty - Received Qty.

AV 2009.3.0.0

Inventory Allocation - Bug Fix: Fixed bug where line items were being deleted during allocation process.

Inventory Allocation - Bug Fix: Fixed bug where Invoice line item was not being deleted during allocation line item merge.

Jobs - New Feature: Profitability now shows on Jobs.

Jobs - New Feature: Progress billing on Jobs.

Jobs - New Feature: New 'Commission' tab for tracking Job commissions.

Jobs - New Feature: New 'Addition Info' tab with many new custom fields.

Planner Task - New Feature: Add Stop Time and Duration to Planner Tasks.

Print Checks - New Feature: Checking account GL balance now shows on print check screen.

AV 2009.2.0.3

PCI Compliance - ...

Products - ...

AV 2009.2.0.2

Products - Custom update.

AV 2009.2.0.1

OS compatibility - Windows 7 now compatible.

Sales Orders/BOs - Change: Add Action Menu...

Sales Orders/POs - Change: ...

AV 2009.1.2.0

XML Import - Bug Fix: Importing an existing sales order via XML was incrementing the line item IDs, causing orphan back orders.

AV 2009.1.1.9

Auto PO - Bug Fix: Filter out back orders from Auto PO that are already linked to purchase orders.

AV 2009.1.1.8

Allocation - Additional columns in the Allocation target data grid.

AV 2009.1.1.7

Sales Orders/POs - Change: Add record ID columns to Sales Order and Purchase Order line item areas, and Purchase Order receiving tab.

AV 2009.1.1.6

Allocation - Filter debit memos from allocation sources.

AV 2009.1.1.5

Stock Allocation - Minor bug fixes.

AV 2009.1.1.4

Sales Order Line Items - Three new custom alpha fields and three new custom date fields.

AV 2009.1.1.3

Auto PO - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a non-inventory product could show up on Auto PO.

AV 2009.1.1.2

XML Import - Bug Fix: Import was not updating Qty Reserve properly.

XML Import - Bug Fix: Import was creating orphaned back orders when updating a Committed order.

AV 2009.1.1.1

Back Order - Bug Fix: Back orders could get re-opened if you edit an RTP order when one or more of its back orders have already been filled.

Client/Sales Master - Change: Modify how the Client/Sales Master Custom List custom field is managed so you can use its contents with Quick Search and Power Search.

Pick Lists - Add support for custom buttons on pick lists.

Product - Move custom fields 15, 18-20 onto page one.

Product History Drill-down - Bug Fix: In the History interface on Product inventory tab, drilling into an Inventory Maintenance transaction was causing AV Client to lock up.

XML Import - Bug Fix: Fix error dialogs on the server machine during import.

AV 2009.1.1.0

Brokered Sales - New Feature: Added support for brokered or commission sales.

Check Void - Bug Fix: In certain circumstances, voiding a check could falsely identify an AJE as an AP Discount, causing an error and preventing the check from voiding.

Commercial Invoice - Bug fix: Changes to Unit Price and Ship Qty were not being saved.

Custom Forms - New Feature: Allow Custom Forms to indicate a number of copies to print when printing that form.

Sales Order Email - Bug Fix: The link between Sales Document and Correspondence was not being set properly.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Qty Reserve Back Order was not being cleared when back orders were deleted when going back to Open status.

Scripts - New Feature: Administrator user can now create Script installers using the Scripts list view Action Menu.

XML Import - New Feature: Automated XML imports.

AV 2009.1.0.5

Credit Card Authorization - Change: Modify the way AV communicates with to avoid Intermittent connection timeouts.

AV 2009.1.0.4

Adjusting Journal Entry - Change: Allow adjustments to inventory lots that have either real-time or posted qty or value remaining.

Check Print - Bug Fix: Payroll and Quick Checks were using an old internal page setup call, which sometimes caused the scaling to be 640%.

Credit Card Authorization - Change: Make Credit Card Auth more fault tolerant with not receiving a timely response from the gateway.

Credit Card Authorization - Change: Make Credit Card Auth delay and timeout seconds configurable.

Credit Card Authorization - Change: Improved logging for Credit Card Auth.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Product Part Number changes were not being propogated into Work Order records.

Work Order - Bug Fix: If the part number for the finished good was changed on its Product record, an error message was displayed when later loading WO detail.

Work Order - Bug Fix: In certain circumstances, Work Order GL data was not being loaded properly.

AV 2009.1.0.3

Credit Card - Change: Improve how the system responds to connection time outs when processing credit cards.

Credit Card Authorization - Bug Fix: The field Amount in Credit Card Charges detail screen was showing the Receipt ID as dollars.

Email - Bug Fix: Email sent from the server machine (scheduled script) should always be sent using SMTP.

Once Daily Update - Change: Add a System Log when the Once Daily Update runs on the server.

Receipt/XML Import - Change: Add Receipt address fields to XML import.

Shipping Exchange - Change: Allow shipments for Credit Memos in any status.

System - Change: Allow AV Client to run under Mac OS 10.6.x (Snow Leopard).

Web Viewer - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, the Default view definition could be used when there was a Web view definition.

XML Order Import - Change: Added [Sales_Document]ShipTo_EmailNotify_1 and 2 to the XML order import.

AV 2009.1.0.2

Custom Forms - Roll back Custom Form printing to AV 9.0.0.x-style printing.

AV 2009.1.0.1

Custom Forms - Add ability to switch between using 4D Print Dialogs and SRP Print Dialogs.

AV 2009.1.0.0

Adjusting Journal Entry - Bug fix: AIP AJEs were causing a warning dialog when posted.

AP Voucher - New feature: Add cross-references between AP Vouchers and Inventory Transactions.

AP Voucher - Bug fix: Fully distributed vouchers remain checked as RTP.

Auto PO - Bug fix: When printing PO's via Auto-PO, the system was not asking which form to print like it does when choosing OK & Print on the PO detail screen.

Client - Bug fix: Client account defaults were not being set when creating a new client through a new sales order.

Credit Card - Improvement: Receipt Type is now displayed as a column on the reconcile screen.

Credit Card - Bug fix: Transaction ID was not being displayed properly.

Credit Card - Bug fix: When more than one credit card holding account was involved in the reconcile process, dollars could get posted to the wrong account.

Custom Form - Bug fix: Custom forms now save changes even if the only changes made are in the report editing area.

Custom Form - Bug fix: Window titles now reflect document type and ID when printing, making pdf file names more sensible.

Custom Form - Bug fix: Custom forms now respect print dialog settings (paper tray, scaling, etc.) for multi-record print jobs.

Email - New feature: Users may send mail via external Apple Mail client.

GL External Import - New feature: Serialized products may now be imported into inventory via GL External Import.

Inventory - Improved error reporting when processing inventory draws.

Inventory - Bug fix: Inventory rebuild utility was not using enough precision when rounding quantity totals, which could cause trouble when products were sold in very small (fractional) amounts.

Inventory Transaction - New feature: Add cross-references between AP Vouchers and Inventory Transactions.

List View - New feature: You can now log all list view queries. Creates a System Log entry for each query. Off by default. Turn on using System Configuration item List View:Query Log.

List View - Bug fix: Make sure no records are left in a locked state once the user returns to the list view.

Product - Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, default price breaks could fail to be assigned on new product records.

Product Class - Bug fix: Product Class defaults for price breaks were not respecting units of measure.

Product Class - Bug fix: Client Categories that were 31 characters long were being duplicated when Product Class records were modified and saved.

Purchase Order - Bug fix: It was possible to have an inventory PO with non-inventory line items which could not be voided.

Purchase Order - Bug fix: Receiving PO items was causing a 'run time' error message under certain circumstances.

Receipt - New feature: Look up Client by Invoice number. Entering an invoice number into a new Receipt record populates the Client information onto the Receipt.

Receipt - Bug fix: Receipt list view ''Undeposited'' filter was including void receipts.

Receipt - Bug fix: Receipt types based on Liability accounts caused errors during receipt posting.

Sales Order - Improvement: Additional fields from InvoiceDetail and InvoiceKitDetail added to InvoicePrintDetail table.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Order duplicate was not duplicating custom fields on kit components.

Sales Order/Drop Ship PO - Bug fix: Creating Drop Ship POs for multiple sales orders was combining items from different sales orders onto one PO.

Serial Number - Bug fix: Returning serialized product could cause a problem when the serial number is sold again.

Shipping Exchange - Bug fix: Sales order totals were not always calculated correctly after shipping exchange.

Shipping Exchange - Improvement: Now cites file name in activity log when file is not of a known type.

Shipping Exchange - Improvement: Now puts newest log entries at the top of the on-screen activity log.

System - Bug fix: Ensure ''External'' user access is maintained over upgrades.

Tax Area - New feature: Tax Areas can now be configured to consider Freight charges to be taxable.

Tax Area - Bug fix: Looking up GL account by account name was not populating the GL account name screen object.

Vendor - Bug fix: Product global replace was not updating vendor code when vendor name was updated.

Work Order - Bug fix: System-generated lot numbers for finished goods were not being copied into work order lot number field.

Work Order - Bug fix: Work order void was allowing work orders to be deleted even if their inventory had been drawn.

AV 2009.0.0.3

Accrued Inventory Holding - Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, AIP values were not being updated.

AV 2009.0.0.2

Quick Report - Bug fix: Records sometimes being set to read only inappropriately.

Quick Report - Bug fix: Running quick reports from the Module reporter caused error messages.

Receipt - Bug fix: Would not allow voiding credit card type receipts even when gateway transaction had not occurred.

Receipt - Bug fix: Ensure batch deposit id set correctly for receipts. Undeposited receipts against credit card clearing accounts had their batch deposit id set to -1. Undeposited receipts against receipt types that are linked to checking accounts had their batch depost id set to 0.

Receipt - Bug fix: Stop setting batch deposit id on receipts where the receipt type is credit card, but the GL account is a checking account.

Voucher - Bug fix: PO lines on vouchers were getting a postive dollar amount for adjusted cost when debit memo items were marked to pay.

Voucher - Bug fix: Entering a PO number on a Voucher caused incorrect AIP values to appear in the PO Lines list.

AV 2009.0.0.1

Adjusting Journal Entry - Feature: Adjusting Journal Entries can now be used to adjust Accrued Inventory Payable balance.

AP Voucher - Feature: Voucher inventory detail now displays AIP holding value.

Back Order - Change: Don't delete back orders when they are voided, just mark them as voided.

Client - Change: Add Client Import ID field to Additional Info tab on Client and Sales Master screens.

Client -  Change: Change when default account properties are assigned from when the record is created to when the name is entered.

List View - Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, kit detail records could be left in a locked state after editing sales orders.

Price Break Default - Change: Add error message if no product class present when attempting to find price break defaults.

Reporting - Bug fix: Certain system reports were printing multiple copies.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Feature to allow sales tax to be manally entered was not working.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Could not return serialized product.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Could not select serial numbers on new, unsaved sales orders.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug fix: If drawing from more than one lot, product info was not appearing on detail.

Warehouse Transfer - Change: Don't update the transfer qty when entering a lot number if it's non-zero unless the qty exceeds the newly selected lot's available qty.

Work Order - Bug fix: Allow work order lot numbers to be edited when work order is in the In Process status.

Work Order - Bug fix: Navigating between work orders using record navigation buttons could cause AV Client to crash.

AV 2009.0.0.0

Accounts Payable - New feature: Added feature to take eligible discounts when marking Disbursements for payment.

AP Voucher - Bug fix: Associating a PO ID with a voucher after selecting multiple PO line items to pay removed the cost distribution from the non-associated line items.

Auto-build Assembly - Added dialog to auto-assembly build function to ask user to confirm build if total buildable units is less than the quantity ordered.

Back Order - Bug fix: Voiding backorders for invoiced kit components (deferred revenue) created credit memos that could not be posted.

Back Order - Bug fix: Orders generated from backorders incorrectly displayed status as Committed instead of Open in the Sales Orders list view.

Check - Bug fix: voiding a check failed if the check's voucher had a previously voided check.

Client - Bug fix: cross-reference from Clients to Correspondence displayed unrelated records.

Credit Memo - New feature: Added ability to allow the line item warehouse to be changed on associated credit memos.

Credit Memo - Added feature to automatically select appropriate lots to return inventory on credit memos.

General - Bug fix: Some text fields on Windows Client did not display text as it was entered.

Inventory - New feature: Added ability to calculate statistics on inventory turns, average monthly usage, and optimal minimum/maximum stock levels.

Inventory - New feature: Added ability to balance inventory via auto-created warehouse transfers.

Inventory - Bug fix: Non-inventory items could be added to recipes on assemblies.

Inventory Maintenance - Bug fix: Inventory maintenance records sometimes displayed the wrong lot number if duplicate serial numbers existed for different products.

List View - Bug fix: Manipulating list view records beyond 32767 could cause error messages.

Physical Inventory Import - Added System Configuration option to designate an expense account to use when updating inventory count via Physical Inventory import template.

Planner Task - New feature: Added ability to cross-reference between Planner Task and Sales Master list views.

PostgreSQL Clone - Bug fix: The text file option for cloning is now working properly.

PostgreSQL Clone - New feature: AV will drop and create the target database if necessary (with appropriate warnings).

Product - Added feature to export a selection of product records to the physical inventory import template.

Product - Added action menu item to duplicate selected product(s) in list view.

Quick Report - Bug fix: Saving a Quick Report to the disk throws a -43 error if the report is stored in the blob field on the quick report record.

Receipt - Credit card receipts no longer appear as undeposited when filtering the Receipts list view.

Sales Master - New feature: Added ability to cross-reference between Planner Task and Sales Master list views.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Clear contact info on sales order when client is changed.

Sales Order - Fix bug with Ship Via lookup finding anything with an alias.

Sales Order - New feature: Added ability to generate non-inventory and/or drop-ship Purchase Orders from selected Sales Orders.

Sales Order - New feature: Added ability to allow user to add/edit/delete Shipments on Sales Orders.

Sales Order - New feature: Added ability to automatically send a shipment notification email when saving Sales Orders in Shipped status.

Sales Order - New feature: Added ability to open a web browser to track UPS or Fedex shipments directly from Sales Order Shipments tab.

Startup - Bug fix: On Windows, the Navbar did not display at startup if the Planner was set to open automatically on startup.

User - Bug fix: Removed error dialog that appeared when saving a modified user record.

Users - Don't allow duplicate user names to be entered.

Work Order - Changed the Quantity Available column on work order line detail to Quantity Remaining after Build.

Work Order - Bug fix: Error message received when manually adding line items to the BOM on Work Orders.

Work Order - Bug fix: Non-inventory items could be added manually to the BOM on Work Orders.

Work Order - Bug fix: Lot number for finished assembly units could not be added after record was closed and re-opened.