Sub Work Orders

If you have an Assembly Product that has another Assembly as a Recipe Component you can enable the creation of a Sub Work Order for the Sub Assembly Product.

1. Enable Auto Sub Work Order creation for a Sub Assembly

  1. Open a Product record.
  • The Product must be an Assembly!
  • Click on the Bill of Materials tab.
  • Check the box for Create Sub-WO.
    • This will enable the Work Order for the Sub Assembly to be automatically created when the Parent Assembly Work Order is saved.

    2. The Parent Assembly's Work Order.

    • With the Create Sub-WO option in the previous step enabled, the Sub WO column will already be checked for any Sub Assemblies that are part of the Parent Assembly's Recipe.
    • You can still check (or uncheck) this column manually.
    • When the Parent Assembly's Work Order is saved AcctVantage will create a Work Order for the Sub Assembly.
      • Note: The creation of the Sub Work Order may take a few seconds to occur.

    3. The Sub Work Order (Work Order Info tab)

    3.1. The Sub Work Order (Other Info tab)

    When you are finished with the Sub Work Order, save and post it just like a normal Work Order.

    The Sub Work Order (Other Info tab)