Auto-build an Assembly

You can enable AcctVantage to Auto-Build an Assembly item. When the item is added to a Sales Order (and there is insufficient stock to fill the sale) AcctVantage will create Inventory Maintenance records to produce the Assembly item (just like a Work Order normally does). The recipe components will be removed from stock, the Assembly will be added to stock and immediately allocated to the Sales Order. This all happens immediately during Sales Order entry. If there is insufficient quantity of the recipe components, the user will be given an alert.

Note: This feature is not to be confused with the Auto Work Order feature. The Auto-build feature bypasses the Work Order and creates the Assembly on-the-fly (similar to a Kit...except there are no Inventory Maintenance records when a Kit is sold).

Enable Auto-build on the Assembly's Product record.

Check the Auto-build box on the Product record for the Assembly.

Enable Auto-build in System Configuration

  1. Navigate to Administration System Configuration.
  2. Select Sales Document from the drop-down list.
  3. Find the line for Auto Assembly Build and double-click the value to change it to True.

Click OK to save your changes.