Explode a Work Order (multi-warehouse)

If you are using the Multi-Warehouse Work Order feature and you need to explode one of the assemblies that has been built, then this is the article for you!

1. Create a Work Order

  1. Go to Inventory ➤ Work Orders and create a new record just like you would do when creating a normal Work Order.
  2. Enter the Part Number or Product Name of the Assembly.

2. Enter the Build Quantity, Warehouse & Lot Number

  1. Enter the Quantity as a NEGATIVE number. When you do this, you'll see the multi-warehouse section disappear and a single warehouse field will be revealed.
  2. Enter the Warehouse that currently has the units you want to explode.
    • Note: If the Multi-Warehouse Work Order feature was used to build the units, then the quantity to explode is most likely located in the Finished Goods Warehouse. The only reason why the units would be in a different Warehouse would be if there was a Warehouse Transfer issued to move the units to a different Warehouse.
  3. Choose the Lot Number of the units you want to explode. If there is only one Lot then it will already be chosen for you.

3. Complete the Work Order Explosion

After choosing the Lot to use, you can complete the rest of this Work Order as usual. Enter the dates, change the status, etc. Click OK to save and don't forget to post the Work Order!