AcctVantage ERP 2008 - Release Notes

AV Server Version 2008.1.3.0 was the final release in the AcctVantage ERP 2008 Series.

AV 2008.1.3.0

Back Order - Added optional feature to print a hold tag when partially filling a backorder; and to create an Ord-BO when all backordered items have been filled.

Back Order - Added calculation column to backorder list view displaying the PO ETA date (if the PO is linked to the sales order generating the backorder).

Inventory Lot - Added additional custom fields to the Inventory Lot window.

Inventory Maintenance - Fixed bug where some assembly builds prompted an error message.

Invoice Detail - Added Warehouse Name field to Invoice Detail table.

List View - Fixed bug where displaying associated table columns in a list view prompted errors when trying to print the list view.

Posting - Posting screen filters out inventory transactions that are dependent on other non-posted transactions.

Sales Order - Added optional feature to split a sales order with line items from multiple warehouses into separate orders form each warehouse.

Sales Order - Fixed bug where reversal of a journal entry associated with a Job, did not create Job Items connected to that Job.

Sales Order - Added calculation method for a column on Back Order window to display order status of source Sales Order.

Sales Order - Fixed bug where deleting a line item on a sales order, PO, or journal entry sometimes deleted the wrong line.

Sales Order - Fixed bug with drawing serial numbers from inventory if different products had identical serial numbers.

Sales Order - Fixed bug where a sales order sometimes could not be moved back from Shipped to Picked.

Sales Order - Make invoice number import check for duplicates.

Sales Order - Fixed bug where selecting multiple sales documents to email to customers sometimes sent emails to cached CC or BCC addresses

Sales Order - Second address field on Sales Order shipping tab can be populated by a custom script.

Shortcuts - Fixed bug where custom shortcuts were lost at Server re-launch.

Vendor Price Break - Added optional feature to base default price breaks on Vendor instead of Product Class.

Voucher - New vouchers always display current date for the voucher date and post to date fields.

AV 2008.1.2.3

Sales Order - Fixed bug with unit price calculated by margin percent margin on kit line items.

AV 2008.1.2.2

Client Form - Moved new Client record custom fields to a second Additional Info tab.

Leopard OS - An alternate menu is provided for users on Leopard OS.

PO - Previously saved POs may now have line memos added at any point.

Sales Master - Fixed bug where Average Days to Pay was calculating Average Days Past due; it now calculates Average Days from Invoice Date.

Shipping - Added Shipments table to Power Search on Sales Orders.

Work Order - Fixed bug where work order status could not be moved to picked if consuming last remaining units and qty reserve work order was selected in System Setup.

XML Import - XML Import now updates existing invoices; when a duplicate invoice number is encountered, the line items are updated with the new information instead of duplicated.

AV 2008.1.2.1

4DOpen - Fix for 4DOpen.

AV 2008.1.2.0

Back Order - Modified text in prompt for printing a hold tag when filling a backorder

Back Orders - Bug fix in print selection of backorder records for custom form

CCAuth - Bug Fix in calculating invoice total when credit card payment was received directly on a sales order containing kit products

Client - Bug fix in Client_AverageDaysToPay

Client - Name changes on Client Defaults

Client - Bug fix in calculating Average Days to Pay

Global Replace - Prompt to update UM on price breaks when changing UM on products via Global Replace

Invoice - Modified script hook.

Invoice - Bug Fix in assigning Client defaults from settings in System Configuration

Jobs - Allow Misc Client on Jobs

Nav Menu - Fix Nav Menu crash on Lepord.

PO - Bug fix in receiving serialized products on POs

Product - Assemblies can contain serialized component products

Purchase Order - Added Vendor Part # and Sum of BO to PO Receiving tab.

Reporter - Bug fix in script hook called when printing reports

Sale Doc - Populate customer category field on new Sales Documents with value stored on Client record

Script - Bug fix in Script_l

Utility - Custom Import Utility.

Utility - Bug fix in importing archived data via Maintenance procedure

Web - Require individual access codes for the Write and Web licenses entered via System Setup

AV 2008.1.1.0

Back Orders - Fix bug that caused inaccurate invoice detail BO qty when voiding a partially filled BO.

Bug Fixes - bug fixes.

Contacts - Improved import.

Dashboard - Added screen and a set of guages.

Detail View - Nav Button bug fix.

Inventory - Bug fix in Inven_SubAccountRebuild.

Inventory - New export option for inventory value report.

Inventory - Change the way the Inventory Holding report generates its data.

Posting - Bug fix in AR_TransCreate.

Posting - Make sure any loaded records get unloaded after action menu posting. Could cause inappropriate record locking between users.

Reports - Bug fix in Reporter_Create4DReportFile.

Sales Master - Added average days to pay on Sales Master, second tag (terms)

Sales Orders - Split Orders

Scripts - Enhancements to Scripts screen.

System - System Configuration setting to log the contents of all User Feedback dialogs.

Users - Added read-only access to list views.

Web Server - Added web server.

Web Service - Available product quantity.

AV 2008.1.0.1

AP Vouchers - Added two custom fields

Area List - Upgrade to Area List Pro 8.0

Back Orders - Combine BO Fill and Create SO, and pops a Custom Form

Backorders - Added Calc Column for BO list for BO Fill.

Client - Set Client Defaults

Client - Added Credit Hold Date.

Client - Added support for multiple price breaks.

Contact - Added Email and Phone Columns.

Inventory - Allow Inventory Maint to Draw from BO

Kits - Allow for updates of existing orders when Kits recipe is changed.

Planner Task - Clear Alarm when marked complete.

PriceBreak - Add Markup to Price Breaks.

Product - Fix in Product Global Replace

Product - Fixed price kit open issues

Product - Bug Fix in SerialNo_ALPSingleClick

Product - Bug Fix in ALP issues

Product - Bug Fix in InvenMaint_GLArraySize

Product - Bug Fix in Invoice_ShipTransALPCellExit_cb & Invoice_LotNoALP_cb

Product - Bug Fix in Product_KitUpdateFixedPriceBOM

Purchase Order -  Added Vendor Part # and Sum of BO to PO Receiving tab.

Purchase Orders -  Make Tax col on PO configurable.

Sales - Allow multiple Sales Order screens to be open at one time.

Sales Orders - Ship Via User Setting.

Sales Orders - Auto creates assemblies.

Sales Orders - Allow for prompt on Voiding Ord-BO to Reopen BO

Users - Added access control to Void/Delete records.

Users - Added access control to Quick Report.

Users - Added ability to create Groups.

AV 2008.0.0.6

Kits - Fix bug where fixed price kit total price sometimes changed by a cent or two at save.

MRP - Fixed bug with quantity calculation for assembly components.

Work Orders - Fix issues with sign of quantities during save/load.

AV 2008.0.0.5

OS - Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility.

Product - Fixed bugs with global replace of kit components as well as component price changes.

Work Orders - Minor bug fixes.

AV 2008.0.0.4

Accounts Payable - Fix bug with Voucher to Purchase Analysis cross-reference.

Accounts Payable - Include void items when first displaying reconcile screen.

Accounts Payable - Added dollar amount to ** Void ** string on check reconcile screen.

Accounts Payable - Non-inventory items are now available on vouchers for payment.

AP Vouchers - Vouchers now filter PO Lines by the PO number entered on the voucher screen.

Back Orders/Qty Reserve - Fix qty reserve bug on partial back order fill. Was zeroing backorder qty instead of updating it with new Remain To Fill qty.

Data File Maintenance - Added a step to the import part of the maintenance routine that cleans individual fields on the way in.

Email - Add email test button to Email tab of System Setup screen.

Inventory Maintenance - Added details to error message that occurs when the specified quantity can't be drawn.

Kits - Fixes and tweaks for new fixed price kit feature.

List View - Added AV version number to each list view.

List Views - Fix List View bug where sometimes List menu items would not enable properly when switching windows.

Planner Task List View - PlannerTask_AssignedTo_ALP_cb - List View calculated column method for Planner Task list view.

Planner Task List View - PlannerTask_EnteredBy_ALP_cb - List View calculated column method for Planner Task list view.

Product - Fix bug that was causing inventory tab warehouse info to be saved improperly.

Product Class - Fixed bug that could under certain circumstances cause run time errors and data not to be displayed on the Product Class detail form.

Sales Orders - Add warning about line item warehouses if document warehouse is changed.

AV 2008.0.0.3

Accounts Payable - Added option to sort AP aging by vendor code.

Accounts Receivable - Added option to sort AR aging by client number.

Administration - Turned off mandatory log file attribute. This can be still be set for each site, but we are no longer requiring a log file by default.

AP Vouchers - Added Discount Date

Back Order - Fix bug where warehouse ID assigned based on the line item, but warehouse name assigned based on the sales order.

Credit Card Billing Address - Added the ability to assign a billing address to each credit card.

Kits - Change how component prices are pro-rated.

Liscensing - Fixed bug where Backorder menu item was associated with the advanced inventory module rather than the advanced sales module like it should be.

List Views - Fix ghost 'show through' scroll bars when going to Write window from a list view.

List Views - Custom filters can now be created using scripts.

Planner Tasks - Added list view for Planner Tasks

Sales Orders - Redo Import Orders action menu item to show today's imported orders in the list view when done.

Utility - New feature to clone AV data into a PostgreSQL database.

Vendor - Added additional custom fields.

XML Import - Several new importable fields. For a complete list, use Administration>Save XML Importable Field List.

AV 2008.0.0.2

Accounts Payable - AP Disbursement table was not auto loading the Vendor which caused fields from Vendor not to appear on the AP Disbursement list view.

Accounts Receivable - Fix bug with calculation of AR overdue cut off date. Was considering each client's net days due, which is irrelevant for this calculation.

Inventory - Fix bug with Qty Reserve back order reset mishandling partial fills.

Inventory - Changed the Inventory menu item name 'Sub account' to 'Inventory Levels'.

Physical Inventory Import - Fix bug that caused error when actual draw value did not match predicted draw value.

Purchase Order - Fix intermittent bug where warning dialog displayed when loading this vendor record.

Purchase Orders - Allow PO to be closed even if there's no receiving activity.

Receipt - Fixed bug where detail form could be resized too small making the list form objects overlap.

Sales Order - Fixed bug on Sales Order detail form: FOB field was formatted for a weight value.

Server - Under certain circumstances, alert dialogs were being displayed on the server machine. This is fixed.

Various - Address scroll bar 'show through' bug on Windows. Various places.

Work Orders - New Work Order feature to manage assembly builds.

XML Import - Make on-the-fly kits importable.

AV 2008.0.0.1

Accounts Payable - On 'Print Checks...' screen, select default checking account by default.

Adjusting Entry - Fixed bug that could cause a $0.01 error in the displayed debit/credit difference under certain circumstances. This bug was 'cosmetic' in that it did not affect accounting data.

Backup - Add user confirmation dialog to Backup menu item.

Client - Many new custom fields on Client screen.

General - Add 'Copy' button to user feedback dialog.

Kits - Add fixed price kit option.

Purchase Orders - Emailed purchase orders can now be based on a Custom Form. (Mac only)

Sales Orders - Emailed sales orders can now be based on a Custom Form. (Mac only)

Scripts - Fix bug where Administrator user could not manipulate scheduled script attributes.

Scripts - Allow administrator to edit script parameters.

Utility - There is a new utility to display and email system info to AV tech support