Export a List of Records

New for AV 2020.1.0: AcctVantage now supports exporting a list view as an Excel file.

In this article, we will describe how to export the records that you have found in a List View.  The export will contain the same columns you have enabled on the List View and the records will be sorted in the same order that you have on screen.

Note: The Quick Report editor can also be used to generate an export. With the QR Editor, you can select columns/fields that are not on your List View and also perform calculations.

1. Open the List View and search for records to export

Open the list view and highlight the list of records that you want to export. Click the printer icon.

Select Data

2. Export the List View

In the reporter window, select Export List View and then click Print.

Export the Report

2.1. Select the export format

Select either Excel or Tab Text.

  • Excel: will save an Excel file with an XLS extension.
  • Tab Text: will save a tab-delimited TXT file.

After you make the above selection, enter the filename (default is "Untitled") and choose the location to save the file.

3. The export is complete.