Standard Custom Forms

In this article you'll find examples for some of the common standard custom forms. Along with these examples are links to download the installer for each custom form. Please email AcctVantage Support if you have requests for additional forms or revisions to existing forms.

Custom form installers are current as of: 06/22/2022

Notes before beginning:  

  • The custom form installers are always designed to work with our most current release.
    • If you need forms for an earlier version (or if you want help updating to the current version), please send an email to [email protected]
  • There are a few custom forms that display a logo in the upper left corner. See this article for instructions on how to add your company logo.
  • If there is an existing form in your system with the same name as the form you are loading, the system will overwrite the old form with the new one. The name of the AVF file you download IS NOT the same as the name of the form.
  • To be certain that you don't overwrite a form accidentally, it's always a best practice to perform a database backup prior to installing any forms or reports.
  • All of these forms have a suffix of "AV" and are tagged with the company "AcctVantage" -- you may wish to change the name of forms after you install them to reflect your company's name.

To install a custom form:

  1. Download one of the attached custom form installers to your desktop (all custom form installers end with the extension AVF).
  2. Go to Administration ➤ Custom Forms.
  3. Open the Action Menu and choose Import Custom Form.
  4. Select the installer that you downloaded in Step #1.

Custom Form Examples

Sales Orders, Quotes, etc.

Sales Order

Modifications can be made to this form to include support for barcodes, tracking numbers and other custom formatting. This form can be used as a foundation to create other sales forms such as Pro Forma Invoices, Quotes, Invoices, and Credit Memos.

Sales Order example

Modifications can be made to include barcodes, tracking numbers and other custom formatting.

Invoice example

Modifications can be made to include quote expiration date, expected availability date, etc.

Quote example
Credit Memo

Modifications can be made to include any verbiage related to the return of goods, restocking fees, etc.

Credit Memo example

Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Pick Ticket

Standard pick ticket form with scannable barcodes which are used in conjunction with the Pick and Pack feature (i.e. Sales Order Fulfillment).

Pick Ticket example
Pack List

Standard pack list form with tracking info.

Pack List example
Shipping labels
  • Standard shipping label forms which are designed for use with the EasyPost integration.
  • These labels will print standard UPS, FedEx and USPS labels.
  • The 4x6 portion is a hard-coded image that is retrieved from the EasyPost shipping application.
  • Modifications can ONLY be made to the stub portion of the 4x8 label or the Packing Slip w/4x6 Label form.
4x6 label (no stub)

Only the label image itself. No other info will be printed.

4x6 label example
4x8 label (with shipment info stub)

The stub on this label contains info related to the Shipment itself.

4x8 label example
4x8 label (with packing list stub)

The stub on this label contains info from the Sales Order line items.

4x8 label example v2
Packing Slip with 4x6 Label v1 (no parcel detail)
  • This form is designed to print on letter size paper.
  • It can be folded so that the label portion can be displayed through a packing list window envelope attached to the outside of the parcel.
  • This version of the form is designed for ALL Sales Order line items to print on the packing list portion of the form.
Packing Slip label example
Bill of Lading

Standard bill of lading form. Modifications can be made to make this form more specific for your industry.

Bill of Lading example

Accounts Receivable

Client Statement

Modifications can be made to include verbiage related to credit limit, credit hold, late fees, etc. or to show payment history.

Client Statement example
Deposit Slip

Modifications can be made to align the fields on this form to your custom deposit slip stock. Commonly the top portion of this form would be remitted to the bank with the deposit and the bottom portion is kept for your records.

Deposit Slip example
Payment Receipt

This form can be used as a Payment Receipt for your customer. The form will print either CC Number or Check Number. The detail section will include A/R Credits, Client Deposits and A/R Invoice Receipts.

Payment Receipt example

Accounts Payable

A/P Check

Standard A/P check form in stub - check - stub format.

Modifications can be made to reformat as check - stub - stub format or to rearrange the fields on the check to align with your custom check stock.

A/P Check example
Quick Check

Standard Quick check form in check - stub - stub format. This form prints the memo field entered via the Quick Check detail screen.

Modifications can be made to reformat in stub - check - stub format or to rearrange the fields on the check to align with your custom check stock.

Quick Check example
Bank Reconciliation Report

To install the Bank Reconciliation Report:

  1. Download and unzip the ZIP file attached above. There are two files contained within; a custom form installer and a script installer.
  2. Install the custom forms:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Custom Forms.
    2. Select the Action Menu > Import Custom Form.
    3. Select the attached AVF file.
  3. Install the script:
    1. Navigate to Administration > Scripts.
    2. Select the Action Menu > Load Installer.
    3. Select the attached AVS file.

To print the Bank Reconciliation Report:

  1. Navigate to General Ledger > Reconcile Sessions.
  2. Select the Reconcile Session you want to print. You can use the search tools here to search by account code, statement date, etc.
  3. Click the printer icon.
  4. Select the Reconcile Report.
  5. Print the report.
  6. After the Checks/Withdraws and Deposits section print, you will be prompted to print the Outstanding Items section. This is optional.
Cleared Checks/Withdraws and Deposits
Bank Rec Report - Checks/Withdraws
Bank Rec Report - Deposits
Outstanding Checks and Deposits (optional)
Bank Rec Report - Outstanding Items


Purchase Order

Modifications can be made to include barcodes to be used in conjunction with the receiving process, use this form as a foundation to create a Debit Memo form, etc.

Purchase Order example
Inventory Holding Open Items

Inventory Holding Open Items report (also sometimes referred to as Accrued Inventory Payable.)

  • This report lists Inventory Holding account liability items (i.e. inventory that has been received via PO but no voucher has been entered).
  • Items are categorized by Vendor, Part Number and Purchase Order.
  • The report can only be run as of the current date.
  • The report will tie out to the Trial Balance (as of the current date) if all Purchase Events and Vouchers have been posted.
Inventory Holding Report example
4x6 PO Receiving Label

This label is programmed to be printed after receiving a Purchase Order. The layout is designed to be placed on the corner of a box so all info can be seen from more than one side.

  1. Highlight the Purchase Order you want to print labels for.
  2. Click the printer icon and select the "PO Receive Label" form.
  3. Click the print button.
    • If the PO has only one Purchase Event, the labels will automatically print.
    • If the PO has more than one Purchase Event, the user will be presented with a dialog to choose which Purchase Event to print labels for.
  4. One label will be printed for each unit of inventory received.
PO Receive Label example

Warehouse Management and Production

Cycle Counts
Cycle Count - Count Sheet

Print the count sheet before you begin counting inventory. There are two columns for count quantity to be written and a column to check off each line as they're completed.

Cycle Count - Count Sheet
Cycle Count - Result Sheet

Print the result sheet after counting inventory and marking the Cycle Count as Ready to Post. This report will list results of each line item counted and compared with the system quantity, the cost for each line and the total cost for the count.

Positive numbers indicate inventory is being added; negative numbers indicate inventory is being drawn.

Cycle Count - Result Sheet
Work Orders
Work Order (1 section)

Standard work order form with a single section for the assembly components

Work Order example
Work Order (3 section)

Alternate work order form with three sections: Components, Non-inventory and Process Steps.

Note: In the Non-inventory costs section, the Description is required.

Work Order (alternate) example
Product Catalog

As designed, use this form as a handy reference when entering a transactions. The scannable barcode simplifies data entry in situations where you may not already have a source document to scan from.

Product Catalog example
Product Labels

These are scannable Product Label forms with Product Name, Part Number and Part Number (as a barcode).