Print a Journal Report

Journal reports are a standard part of any accountant's workflow. These reports list each transaction's affect on the General Ledger. AcctVantage has always had journal reports available "out of the box" but many users don't know about them because they were located in a somewhat obscure menu.

New for AV 2020.1.0: Print Journal function has been relocated to a more visible location!

New Location for Printing Journals

Historically, the Print Journal function has been located under the File menu (and it's still located there if that's what you're used to!)

This function is also now located in a more visible location at the top of the list of Available Reports in all of the list view windows in the named below.

Journal Reports available in AcctVantage

Here are the standard journal reports (and their locations) that are available in AcctVantage:

  • Accounts Payable Module
    • AP Disbursement Journal (Disbursements, Make Payments)
    • AP Voucher Journal (Vouchers)
    • Check Journal (Check Register)
  • Purchasing Module
    • Purchase Event Journal (Purchase Events)
  • Sales Module
    • Invoice Journal (Sales Orders & Quotes)
  • Accounts Receivable Module
    • Receipt Journal(Receipts)
  • General Ledger Module
    • Adjustment Journal (Adjusting Journal Entries)
    • Post Session Journal (Posting Sessions, Post Transactions)
  • Warehouse Management Module
    • Inventory Maintenance Journal (Inventory Maintenance)
    • Warehouse Xfer Journal (Warehouse Transfers)

How to Print a Journal

In any of the above list view windows, highlight the transactions that you want to include in the report and click the printer icon. Then highlight Print Journal at the top of the list of reports and click Print.