The Job Costing area allows you to track income and expenses for specific projects. A Job can be anything for which you want to track associated income and expenses (e.g., Product R&D, a special project, trade show, etc.) Jobs are comprised of multiple Phases and Tasks.

AcctVantage uses various transactions (e.g., Invoices, Credit Memos, Inventory Maintenance Transactions, Purchase Orders) to record Job data. Users can also assign miscellaneous transactions directly on the Job form.

1. Open the Jobs window

Navigate to Job Costing ➤ Jobs

Open the Jobs window

2. Create a new Job

2.1. Job Definition

The Definition tab of the Job is where you'll enter all of the basic info pertaining to the Job. Job Name, Client Name & Address, Dates, Contacts, and any additional specifications. The income and expense data will also be collated here.

2.2. Job Detail

The Job Detail tab contains detail about the costs for the Job as well as detail for each Job Phase and Task.

2.3. PO Items

2.4. Invoice Items

This is a list of Invoices for the Job.

2.5. Inventory Maintenance Items

This is a list of Inventory Maintenance items (i.e. manual Inventory adjustments) that pertain the job.

2.6. Miscellaneous Items

2.7. Labor

This is a list of all Job labor items.

2.8. Receipt Items

The Receipt items tab contains a list of all payments received from the Client.

2.9. Adjustment Items

The Adjustment items tab contains a list of all Adjusting Journal Entries that pertain to the Job.

2.10. Voucher Items

The Voucher items tab contains a list of all Vendor Invoices that have been entered for the Job.

2.11. Check Items

The Check items tab contains a list of all Quick Checks that have been issued pertaining to the Job.

2.12. Additional Info

The Additional Info tab contains a host of custom fields that can be leveraged in various custom applications.

2.13. Commission

The Commission tab is a place to help calculate the job-based commissions. The information here is largely customizable.

2.14. Custom List

This entire tab is designed to be customizable also.