MRP - Mark items as pending

In order to facilitate faster MRP processing, we have supplied a script (attached below) that will allow you to mark or unmark MRP items from being processed via Auto-PO. Pending status is the method by which MRP Action Items appear in the Auto-PO window.

Download and install the script below. Once you do that you will have a new item in the Action Menu named Mark or Clear Pending Status.

1. MRP Items

Navigate to Warehouse Management > MRP Items. Highlight any items that you want to mark or unmark as pending. Proceed to the next screenshot.

In the MRP Items list view below, you can see I have one item with the Expedite action. We want to process a PO for this MRP item so we will use the script to mark the status as Pending.

2. Mark Pending or Clear Pending Status?

Go to the Action Menu and select Mark or Clear Pending Status.

  • Pending: This will mark MRP items as Pending (items will be included in Auto PO).
  • Clear: This will set MRP items with Pending status back to no status (item will not be included in Auto PO).
mark pending or clear?

3. Auto PO window

Once you mark an MRP Item with Pending status, you will be able to see the item in the Auto PO window (be sure to select the correct Warehouse and MRP items in the Auto-PO options). From here you can process the Auto Purchase Order.

Auto PO window