What Can Scripting Do For Me?

Scripting is a way for us to help you support your operations with custom features without the cost, overhead and support issues normally associated with custom software. Essentially a script is a unique piece of software that adds functions to AcctVantage without modifying our core application or "source code".  

When we install a script for you, that script is stored within your AcctVantage system as data, just like a client record or a PO that you've written. When you take advantage of an AcctVantage upgrade your scripts get upgraded right along with the rest of your data. In this way, you can take advantage of a unique, customized, AcctVantage experience without being left behind on out-of-date "one off" versions of AcctVantage.

Scripts can be used for a number of different functions:

  • Enforce workflows or business rules that are unique to your operation.
  • Specialized imports or exports of data.
  • Custom reports
  • Add features like custom calculations, work flow management, etc.
  • Perform scheduled tasks such as emailing certain reports.
  • ???

Scripting is a powerful tool that can add a lot of value to your AcctVantage system. If you have an idea of a function or task that you wish AcctVantage could do for you, contact AcctVantage Support and we'll help you make it happen!

Scripting is so powerful that you could, if you weren't careful, cause a lot trouble. Therefore, script writing is restricted to AcctVantage's Professional Services staff.