Accessing the Quick Report Editor

Access to the Quick Report Editor is restricted based on individual User permissions and where you are in the system.

User Permission

To allow a user access to the Quick Report editor, navigate to Administration ➤ User Access Levels.  Open the User's record, check the Quick Report Button option and click OK to save.

Select a Specific Table/List Screen to Report On

Quick Reports must have a Master Table to work with. The master table is determined by the window that is used to access the report editor. In other words, your first step is to go to the window that has the records you want to report on.

Click the printer icon to access existing Quick Reports and the QR Editor for the current table/list view (Sales Master in this example).

Do not access the QR Editor via the Reports windows

Each module in AcctVantage has a Reports menu item. Selecting this menu item will display all available reports for the selected module. However, because there is no specific table in the database associated with the Reports window, you cannot create new reports from here.

Do Not Access via the module level Reports screen.

Select Quick Report

Click the Quick Report button to access the QR Editor.

Once the QR Editor is open follow one of the links below to build your report: