Quick Report List Many

This function is used to display a list of Child table records in a Quick Report built from a Parent table.For example, you may build a report from the Invoice table and display related records from the Invoice Detail table.

Query Statement

You must use a Query statement to join the related tables together in a report column. The query statement must only appear once, the QR List Many function can then be used in multiple columns without repeating the Query. This query statement is placed in the Formula Editor for any column on the report.

A typical query statement would look like this:


List Many Statement

The QR List Many function is then used to “point” to the desired related field to be displayed on the report, like so:

QR List Many(->[InvoiceDetail]Part Number)

Combined Statement

You may combine the query and function in a single Formula by placing the function immediately outside the Query formula. In this example, the result would be a list of Part Numbers contained on the Invoice record:

Query([InvoiceDetail];[InvoiceDetail]SalesDocument_ID=[Sales_Document]ID) QR List Many(->[InvoiceDetail]Part Number)