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Managing the Report List for the OK & Print and OK & Email buttons

The Sales Order and Purchase Order Detail Screens each have special Print and Email functions labeled OK & Print and OK & Email, respectively. Clicking this button first saves the record and then performs either the print or email function.

The popup list may be customized to display only selected forms. It may also be customized to have only one form selected for printing, depending on the current status of the sales order or purchase order.

Choosing items to appear in the list

The appearance of a report in the OK & Print dialog box is controlled through an option on the Custom Form (or System Report) record. If this box is checked, then the report will appear in the popup on the corresponding screen (PO or Sales Orders).

To add or delete a Custom Form (or System Report) from the OK & Print list dialog:

  1. Go to Administration ➤ Custom Forms (or Administration ➤ System Reports)
  2. Click Show All to display all of the forms.
  3. Double click on the report to be modified.
  4. Check or uncheck the Available Detailform checkbox as needed.
    • Un-checking the box does not delete or remove the report/form from the system. This action simply excludes the report from the OK & Print/Email report list. The box can be re-checked at any time to add the report back to the list.
Custom Form

Choosing custom forms to be selected for printing Sales Orders

If there are many forms in the list, it can be tedious to un-check all of the forms which are NOT needed for printing during the current session. You can assign specific custom forms to be selected depending on the Order Status. A common way to set this up would be to select the form at each Order Status that make sense for the user who will be processing that part of the order. For example:

  • Quote = Quote form
  • Open Order = Sales Order form
  • Picked = Pick Ticket form
  • Packed = Packing List form
  • Shipped/Invoice = Invoice form

These are only suggestions, not limitations. If you really want to print a Quote when the order is Picked, we're not going to stop you! :)

To choose which forms will be automatically selected at each Order Status:

  1. Go to Administration ➤ System Configuration
  2. Choose Sales Document from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the section of rows with names beginning Default Custom Form.
  4. Double-click in the Value column.
  5. Choose a custom form to associate with each Order Status. When clicking the OK & Print/Email button, only the specified form for each Order Status will now be marked for printing.
System Configuration