Issue a refund by check for a Credit Memo

Note: These instructions are for AV 2015.1.0.4 and previous versions.

There is a new feature for AV 2015.1.0.5 that drastically streamlines this process. Here is the article that outlines the new process.


There may be occasions where a Client wants to receive a refund check [for items returned on a Credit Memo] rather than carry an A/R credit on their account.

Here is the scenario:

  1. A Client places an Order, makes a Payment and you process the Receipt in AV. The AR balance is now $0.00.
  2. The Client then returns Products from the Order and a Credit Memo is issued. The Client now has a negative (credit) A/R balance.
  3. Instead of carrying this balance on their account the Client requests to be refunded by Check.


  • You can not Create a Quick Check directly against an A/R account. You will have to use a GL Holding Account to do an Adjusting Journal Entry first.
  • A typical GL Holding Account for this purpose might be named "Adjusting Account” and would be numbered to fall within the equity range (typically beginning with 3). You should create such an account if you do not already have one, and use it as you follow these steps.

1. Create an Adjusting Journal Entry


1.1 Select the Document to Adjust


1.1 Select the Document to Adjust

1.2 Enter a GL Holding Account to balance the Adjustment against

1.3 Post the Adjusting Journal Entry

2. Create a Quick Check


2. Create a Quick Check

2.1 Balance the Check against the same the GL Holding Account as used earlier