Print a Freight-only Credit Memo (or Invoice)

This article applies only to AV 2015 and earlier, AV 2017.  No form modifications are necessary in AV2017.

This issue typically arises from the Credit Memo side, but the solution below will work for any Sales Document without a line item. Without this workaround you might try printing a Freight-only Sales Document, only to notice that the form will not print.

The fix requires a change to the custom form you are printing. This will likely require Administrator access in order to reach the Custom Forms window.

1. Open the Custom Form

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ Custom Forms
  2. Find and open (double-click) the Custom Form you need to print for a Freight-only Credit Memo.

2. Modify the Custom Form

Click the Edit Report... button.

Modify the Custom Form

2.1. Insert a new section...

Go to the Insert menu and choose Insert Section...

Insert a new section...

From the drop-down menu, select Break Footer and then click OK.

Add a Break Footer

You can see there is now a Break Footer section directly below the Body section.

Click the red button in the upper-left-hand corner of the window.

The Break Footer has been added.

4. Save the change...

Click OK to save the change.

Save the change...

4.1. Save the change...

Click OK to save the change.

Now you can print the form!

Save the change...