Warehouse Transfers - (includes Fulfillment & Bill of Lading)

This article is an addendum to the main Manual Warehouse Transfer article. Here we will highlight the new features added to the Warehouse Transfer screen.

1. Open the Warehouse Transfer window.

Navigate to Warehouse Management ➤ Warehouse Transfers (Inventory ➤ Warehouse Transfers in AV 2015 and earlier)

Open the Warehouse Transfer window.

2. Transfer Inventory between different Warehouses

  1. Enter the From Warehouse and the To Warehouse. A key component of the Warehouse Transfer is to make sure you have the two Warehouses entered correctly.
  2. Enter Picked, Shipped and Received Dates.
    • Estimated dates are for planning purposes only. They are not required.
    • Actual dates:
      • Picked: When the transfer is picked, units will be add to Qty Reserved WH Xfer (From Warehouse). When the actual Picked data is selected, then the units will be assigned to Qty In Transit (To Warehouse).
      • Shipped: Entering this date will cause the stock in the shipping warehouse to decrement.
      • Received: Entering this date will cause the stock in the receiving warehouse to become available.
  3. Enter the Line Items. You can enter the Requested Qty and then use the Pick button to fill the Transfer Qty column.

3. Fulfillment tab

If you want to manually select the Lots that will be used to fulfill the Warehouse Transfer, then you will need to have Picked the items but not yet entered a Shipped or Received date.

After picking the Transfer click on to the Fulfillment tab and you'll be able to select the Lots to use exactly like you can on the Sales Order window.

  1. Highlight the line item to fulfill in the Items Requested section.
  2. In the Lots section, choose the Lot to fulfill from and enter the Qty in the Base Sel. column (Base Units Selected). This is always going to be the base unit; the Unit of Measure is listed in the UM Sel. column.
  3. Check to make sure the Remaining to Select quantity is 0. When it is, you can proceed with the Transfer.