GL Transaction View

GL Transaction View allows you to view the General Ledger entries created by transactions in AcctVantage. For example:

  • You can view the effect on your General Ledger caused by a specific transaction (Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.) or group of transactions by Cross Referencing.
  • You can also view the GL Transactions by other criteria (Transaction Date, Account Code, etc.) by using the Quick Search or Power Search functions.

The GL Transaction View is a powerful auditing and technical support tool. These examples below are only the tip of the iceberg compared to what can be done using this window.

This is a view-only area; new records cannot be created from this window.

New for AV 2020.1.0: The GL Transaction View window now has new Filter By options to make it easier for you to find specific types of accounting transactions:

  • Adjusting Entry
  • Check
  • Invoice
  • Purchase Event
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Receipt
  • GL Transaction Import
  • Voucher
  • Warehouse Transfer

1. Open the GL Transaction View window

Navigate to General Ledger ➤ GL Transaction View

2. Use the Filter by menu

At the top of the window, click on the Filter by menu. This allows you to display (or hide) specific types of GL Transactions.

As with other areas of AcctVantage, Filter by can be used in conjunction with the Quick Search, Cross-reference, Result and Power Search tools.

3. Search by Transaction Date

  1. Select TransactionDate from the Quick Search. Enter a Starting and Ending Date.
  2. Click the Find button.

This will display a list of all Transactions that have hit your GL within the specified date range.

  • Trans Date: The date the transaction was posted to the General Ledger.
  • Transaction Info: The document that created the General Ledger transaction.
  • Account Name: The name of the GL Account that the transaction was posted to.
  • Account Code: The number of the GL Account that the transaction was posted to.
  • Debit: The amount that was debited the GL Account in the transaction.
  • Credit: The amount that was credited the GL Account in the transaction.
Search by Transaction Date

Query for a selection of records in another window. In this example I've Quick Searched for all Sales Orders from our Client Widget Buyer.

Leave this window open.

Query for records from another window

4.1. Cross reference the GL Transactions to the other window

  • Open the GL Transaction View window.
  • Cross-reference to the window where you did your query (from my previous screenshot, I cross-referenced to the Sales Order window).
  • Now I have displayed a list of all GL Transactions created by Sales Orders for one specific Client.

This is just one example of how to cross-reference. There are many different ways to display records in the GL Transaction window.

Cross reference to the other window