Payroll Import Setup

The Payroll Import area allows you to import payroll data from CheckMark Software, Inc.’s Payroll system. The use of this feature requires a license (sold separately) for CheckMark Payroll.

Before you can use the Payroll Import feature, there are a few things that need to be set up.

System Setup

  • Navigate to Administration ➤ System Setup.
  • Select Payroll from the drop-down list.
  • Select CheckMark from the choice list in the External Payroll Application field.
System Setup

Payroll GL Accounts

In order for the imported payroll data to be updated correctly, your AcctVantage payroll accounts must be matched to their corresponding accounts in CheckMark.

See the CheckMark Payroll documentation for directions on setting up Ledger Accounts in CheckMark.

CheckMark Ledger Accounts

Make a note of each of the appropriate Ledger Accounts from CheckMark Payroll.

These need to be entered into AcctVantage in order to use the Payroll Import feature.

CheckMark Ledger Accounts

AcctVantage GL Account record

  • Navigate to General Ledger ➤ Chart of Accounts in AcctVantage.
  • Open a GL Account [that is associated with payroll] and enter the CheckMark Ledger Account code for the corresponding account in the Import Code field.
  • Repeat this process for each Ledger Account in CheckMark.
    • If there is not a corresponding GL Account in AcctVantage you will need to Create a GL Account.