Payroll Import

The Payroll Import area allows you to import payroll data from CheckMark Software, Inc.’s Payroll system. The use of this feature requires a license (sold separately) for CheckMark Payroll.

  • Refer to the CheckMark documentation for processing payroll transactions.
  • Payroll checks are printed from the Checkmark Payroll system.
  • After importing payroll data, AcctVantage will create an Adjusting Journal Entry to the designated checking account(s), along with all other payroll accounts, but will not create individual check records.

1. Export Payroll Data

Once payroll has been processed in CheckMark you need to export a file containing the Payroll data.

1.1. Open the Employee Paychecks window

In CheckMark, navigate to Reports ➤ Employee Paychecks.

Open the Employee Paychecks window

1.2. Choose the data to export

From the Employee Paychecks window:

  1. Highlight the Check Date.
  2. Select Big Business as the Format from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Text File button to export a text file of the payroll data.

Depending on which version of Checkmark you are using, you may need to manually add the .txt extension to the file after the file is exported.

1.3. Save the payroll text file

AcctVantage maintains a list of document names of your Payroll Imports. This helps ensure that the same payroll does not get entered into your system twice.

This means that every Payroll Import must have a unique file name. We recommend appending the date to the name of your import file. The file also must have .txt as the extension.

Save the payroll text file

2. Import Payroll Data

Once you have exported payroll data from CheckMark you are ready to import that data into AcctVantage.

2.1. Begin the Payroll Import

Note: The Payroll Import function can be found in the Payroll module in AV 2015 and earlier. Payroll was eliminated as a stand alone module in AV 2017 and the import function moved to the General Ledger module.

Begin the Payroll Import

2.2. Select the file to import

Select the text file containing the payroll data (this is the file that was saved in Step 1.3) and click Open.

Select the file to import

2.3. Which version of CheckMark are you using?

Select the version of CheckMark that you did Step 1 with.

Which version of CheckMark are you using?

2.4. Review the Payroll Import data

  • Confirm and/or enter correctly the Check Date, Start with No. and Pay Period Ending.
  • If the data looks correct, click the Import button.  

Note: For the purposes of this article I've imported a small sample of a payroll file. Typically, there will be much more data when you perform the actual Payroll Import.

Review the Payroll Import data

2.5. Payroll Journal

A print dialog will also appear so that a Payroll Journal can be printed for your records.

Payroll Journal

2.6. Adjusting Journal Entry created for the Payroll Import

AcctVantage will create an Adjusting Journal Entry from the imported file. You are free to open this record to review and make any necessary changes.

The Adjusting Journal Entry must be Posted in order for the import to take effect.

Payroll Import Error

If you see this error, it is likely that your debits and credits do not balance. You will need to review & fix the data exported from CheckMark.

Payroll Import Error