Modify an Existing Quick Report

This Tech Note will describe how to modify a Quick Report that was previously saved in the list of Available Reports.

  1. Click the printer icon to open the Reports list in the screen where the report was originally created (i.e., Sales > Sales Analysis).
    • Modifications cannot be done from the module level reports window (e.g. Sales > Sales Reports).
  2. Highlight the report you wish to modify.
  3. Click on the pencil icon at the top right of the list.
    • If the pencil icon is not selectable, then the report is either a Custom Form or a System Report and is not available for editing in this manner.
  4. Select the Create File button and choose a place to save the file to.
  5. Click on the Report Editor button under Edit a Saved Report to open the Quick Report Editor.
  6. In the Quick Report Editor, choose File > Open and select the file saved above.
  7. Make the desired changes to the report definition and save the new report. You can use the same file name as created in step 4 or give the report a new file name.
  8. Close the Quick Report Editor.
  9. Click on Link Report under Edit a Saved Report and select the file saved in step 7.
  10. Click OK to close and save the report details.

The modified report is now linked under the original Report Name. You may discard the file saved in step 7 since the report has been copied into the database.