Warehouse/Product Class Setup

If you've added a new Warehouse in AcctVantage, you'll need to complete the Warehouse Product Class link by activating the new Warehouse for each Product Class that will be purchased, stocked and sold from the new Warehouse.

1. Open the Product Class window.

Navigate to Warehouse Management ➤ Product Classes (Inventory ➤ Product Classes in AV 2015 and earlier)

Open the Product Class window.

2. The Product Class list.

From here you can choose which Product Classes to activate for the new Warehouse.

Click Show All to view the list of Product Class records. Double-click a record to open it.

3. The Product Class detail.

As you can see from the below example, we have not Activated or entered any GL Accounts for the Mountain Village Warehouse. We will need to enter the GL Accounts before we can complete the Warehouse/Product Class link.

4. Enter (and Activate) the GL Accounts for the Warehouse/Product Class combination.

  • GL Inventory Acct Code (A): The GL Account used to capture the value of Inventory on-hand.
    • This account must be labeled with the Setup Type "A-Inventory."
    • This account will be debited when Inventory is received and credited when Inventory is sold.
  • GL Def Revenue Acct Code (L): The GL Account used to capture the Liability for items that have been Invoiced but have not yet shipped.
    • Even if you don't intend to use this feature, an account must be established. Please refer to the article on Deferred Revenue for more information on this topic.
    • This account requires the Setup Type "L-Deferred Revenue".
  • GL Income Acct Code (I): This is the default account used to recognize Revenue (i.e. Sales) for the indicated Warehouse.
    • Note that you normally use an Income type account for this purpose, but AcctVantage does allow you to use an Expense account.  
    • This account does not require any special Setup Type.
  • GL Cost Account Code (E): This is the default account used for Cost of Goods sold reporting for Sales from the indicated Warehouse.  
    • Normally you would use an Expense type account here, but Income accounts are also allowed.
    • This account does not require any special Setup Type.

Note: In the example below, I have used the same accounts for the Mountain Village Warehouse as were used for the Downtown Warehouse. This will not necessarily be the case in your situation. Please consult with your accountant if you are unsure which GL Accounts to use here.

5. The Warehouse/Product Class link is complete.

When you have entered the appropriate GL Accounts and Activated the Warehouse/Product Class link, click OK to save and the process is complete. Repeat this for as many Warehouse/Product Class combinations as you need.