Add Locations within a Warehouse

AV supports the ability to track your Inventory's whereabouts within a particular Warehouse using Locations.

To learn how to transfer Inventory between these Locations see this article.

To import a batch of Warehouse Locations see this article.


  • When receiving Inventory via Purchase Order (or adding an item via Inventory Maintenance or Work Order) you will have the opportunity to select the Location in which the new stock will be stored.
  • Each Warehouse has a Default Location. If no location is chosen when adding Inventory, the Default Location will be assigned.
  • A Default Location can be assigned to each Product / Warehouse combination (go to the Inventory tab of the Product record). If a Location has been assigned on the Product record, then that Location will be assigned by default to newly added inventory.

Add Warehouse Locations

Go to Warehouse Management ➤ Warehouses, open the relevant Warehouse and enter new Locations by clicking on the + symbol.