Inventory Levels

The Inventory Levels window is a view into the InvenSubAccount table. This table contains the information displayed on the Product record under the Inventory tab, specific to each warehouse.

Product record (Inventory tab)

This screenshot shows an example of a Product record and its Inventory Level and Values in two separate warehouses.

New in AV 2017. Note the pull down menu for Unit of Measure selection. Choosing an alternate unit of measure will cause all values to be recalculated using the selected UM's multiplier.  In the example below, there are 5.7 CASES On Hand in the Downtown warehouse. if we were to change the UM selection to EACH, the On Hand would show 57 units.

Inventory Levels window

The same information as above can be viewed (and reported on) from the Inventory Levels window. This screenshot shows the two separate Warehouse records for the example C-100 part.

The Inventory Levels screen will ALWAYS reflect the Product's base Unit of Measure (the 1x value).

Inventory Levels detail

The detail view for these two Inventory Levels records is shown below.