Add Inventory to an Existing Lot

As of version 2018.0.4.2, we now have the ability to add units of inventory to existing Inventory Lots!

1. Add to an Existing Lot or Create a New Lot?

Create the Inventory Maintenance transaction as you normally would do. When you get to the Lot Number field, type in a Lot Number that already exists. The system will ask you if you want to Add To or Create New.

Select Add To, in order to add inventory to the existing Lot!

If you choose the Create New option, you will create a new Lot record with the same Lot Number as the existing Lot.

2. Are you sure?

If the Inventory Maintenance add would result in the Lot having a greater quantity than the original Lot quantity, you will see this message to confirm. Click Yes to add to the existing Lot. From there you can proceed as usual (enter a GL account to balance the transaction, save and post).

Lot BEFORE adding inventory

Lot AFTER adding inventory