Using Custom Forms for Printing Checks

In order to print checks in Acctvantage, you must assign a Custom Form for each type of check: AP Disbursement, Quick Check and Payroll.

The standard Custom Form installers for Checks can be downloaded below. There are 2 formats for Check Forms:

  1. check - stub - stub
  2. stub - check - stub

System Setup

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ System Setup ➤ A/R & A/P.
  2. Choose Custom Form in the Checking Default ➤ Print Form Type field. (Once this setting is in place it should not need to be changed.)

Install the Check Forms

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ Custom Forms.
  2. Open the Action Menu, select Import Custom Form and point to the installer(s) downloaded previously.

Default Check Form

New for AV 2020: Custom check forms may be assigned to each Checking account. The System Configuration screen is used to establish the default form to use when printing checks.  If you do not have a specific check form indicated on the checking account's GL Account record, this default is used.   AV 2019 and earlier, the System Configuration screen established

  • Navigate to Administration ➤ System Configuration ➤ Accounts Payable.
  • There are 3 settings to pay attention to here. Double-click in the Value column to select from a list of your Custom Forms for each of these 3 Check Types:
    1. AP Check Form Name
    2. Payroll Check Form Name
    3. Quick Check Form Name

Assign Form to Checking Account

Checking accounts are established in the General Ledger > Chart of Accounts by indicating a 'Setup Type' of A - Checking.  For each of these accounts, you can assign the particular custom form (layout, design) for check printing.  You must first create/import the custom form as described above, then add the custom form name on the GL Account record as in the screen shot below.

The Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number support the NACHA export process and are not required for check printing.

Testing and Modifying Check Forms

The easiest way to test the check form you’ve chosen is to use an existing AP Disbursement item or a Quick Check that you have created in the Check Register. Print onto plain paper from the Accounts Payable > Make Payments (Print Checks in AV 2015 and earlier) screen to conserve your check stock. After the print job has completed, AcctVantage will display a window called Void or Reprint Check Options. Click the CANCEL button on this screen. By clicking the CANCEL button on this screen, you will be aborting the check run.   AcctVantage will log that a check run was aborted for auditing purposes along with information about the checks and then you can proceed as if the check did not print. This will ensure that the check will be available to print again in another Print Check session.  

Look at the printed check and see how it compares with your check stock. You will probably need to move some fields around on the form so the fields will line up with your stock. Hold the printed plain paper up against your check stock and note what fields need to be moved.