Tools & Custom tab

This is an overview of the window.

1. Planner

  • Show Planner at Startup: The Planner window will appear when you start AcctVantage.
  • Update Planner Information when Active: The Planner will update only when it is open. (By default, when you assign a task, the Planner is updated at regular time intervals, controlled by the Remind and Update Interval. See below.)
  • Planner Limit: The maximum number of records that the Planner can hold per person. The default value of 0 indicates unlimited events/tasks.
  • Reminder Interval: The number of seconds you want to elapse between Planner updates. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes).
  • New Tasks or Events
    • Always Remind: The Planner will open itself to remind you of pending events.
    • Never Remind: Prevent the Planner from reminding you of pending events.
    • Only Remind when Planner is Active: The Planner will remind you of pending events only when it is opened.
    • Edit Alarm Snooze Times: Opens a window in which you can edit the available choices for delaying, or “snoozing,” a Task Alarm.

2. Auto Caps

  • AutoCaps On: Automatically capitalizes the first letter of proper nouns entered into certain data entry fields, such as Client and Contact Names.
  • Exceptions: Enter exceptions to the proper noun capitalization rule; for example: “de,” “du,” “von,” etc. Click in this field to select the exceptions from a pop-up list.
Auto Caps

3. Process Settings

  • Quick List Limit: The maximum number of records you want to be loaded into memory for display. (You will be able to view additional records without re-querying; this simply determines how many records will be displayed at once.)
  • List View Limit: The maximum number of records that will be totaled in a list view.
  • Process Memory: The system memory allocated to each process you open.
  • Update Time: The time of day that the once-a-day processing occurs. This includes Credit Hold processing. You should make sure that this does not happen at the same time you might be backing up the data file.
Process Settings