AcctVantage Staff Access to AcctVantage Server

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AcctVantage is offering to monitor your AcctVantage ERP Server at no charge as an expanded benefit of the Customer Care Program.  This is an optional service that you can enable or disable at will.

AcctVantage Support staff can be granted access to your AcctVantage Server hardware via a 3rd party application, Splashtop Streamer.  This is a secure remote desktop application - similar to TeamViewer, LogMeIn, etc. - that we have used internally for years to manage our testing environment.

What it means for you is that AV staff can log in to your AV Server hardware to troubleshoot any AV related support tickets, server configuration, backups, etc. that you may need help with. You have the ability to enable/disable the service at will.

We will NOT use this access without your knowledge and consent, and will always note the fact that we logged in via the Support Ticketing system.  Again, our access is optional and can be disabled at any time.

You are protected by the Non-Disclosure language that is incorporated into your existing License Agreement.

Contact AcctVantage Support

If you wish to enable this service, first please send email to

AcctVantage Staff will create a personalized installer for your system and reply with instructions for setup.

Services Provided

Explicit permission will be required before AcctVantage Support Staff accesses your AcctVantage ERP Server hardware. Once connected, we will:

  • Investigate Support Tickets reported through only
  • Licensing/Deployment Issues
  • Retrieve data files to investigate  reported tickets in our development environment (only with with explicit permission)
  • Assist with AcctVantage Server configuration
    • Backup Settings
    • General Preferences
    • SQL Server Activation
    • General Troubleshooting
  • Launch AcctVantage ERP Client to investigate and troubleshoot end user issues

Services Not Provided

AcctVantage Staff cannot provide support for general IT or Operating System issues. Our support is limited to AcctVantage ERP software issues only.