What's the Latest Version of AcctVantage?

October 2020: AcctVantage ERP 2020.2.7


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If you are upgrading from a version prior to 20.1.8, please send an email to Support@AcctVantage.com to request a keyfile and/or schedule your upgrade.

AcctVantage 2020

Current Release Here:

AV 2020 Downloads & Release Notes

AcctVantage 2019

The final AV 2019 release is 2019.1.9:

AV 2019 Downloads & Release Notes

AcctVantage 2018

The final AV 2018 release is 2018.0.4.7

AV 2018 Downloads & Release Notes

AcctVantage 2017

The final AV 2017 release is 2017.0.4.6

AV 2017 Release Notes

AcctVantage 2015

The final AV 2015 release is: v2015.1.3.0 (10/09/2016)  ⬅ Click this link to view the Release Notes.

  1. Request a Key File -- Beginning with AV 2017, a new key file is only required for major upgrades, i.e. AV2017.x.  A key file issued for AV 2017.1.x.x is valid for ALL versions through AV 2017.1.9.9; a new key will be required for AV 2017.2.x.x. For AV 2015 and earlier, a new key file is required for each upgrade. You will want to have this in-hand before beginning the upgrade process.
  2. Download the latest release:
  3. Install the AV Server App
  4. Install the AV Client App -- (Not necessary in most cases -- Please check with Support if you're unsure of whether or not you'll need to install a new AV Client App.)