AcctVantage ERP 2020 Series - Release Notes

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact AV Support to schedule your upgrade.

AV 2020.0.2

Printing - New version of HMReports plugin.

AV 2020.0.0

General - MacOS Catalina 10.15 support added.

Magento - No longer supported

Mobile - Product lookup was returning multiple of the same product.

Mobile - Access to Pick Pack is now tied to the Pick Pack item in the menu item access list on the User record. Make sure it's on for each user needing that feature.

Mobile - Access to PO Receive is now tied to a new 'Other Access' setting on the User record. Turn it on for each user that need that feature.

Printing - In certain situations reports that were not marked to print as 'Once per record' were losing their selection of records.

Reporting - Several reports were not printing correctly on Windows.

System Setup - Bug fix: Product Label fields in System Configuration were not enterable.

EasyPost - AcctVantage is using the latest security protocol for communication with the EasyPost API.