AcctVantage ERP 2020 Series - Release Notes

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

AV 2020.2.x requires a new key file if you're upgrading from 20.1.8 (or prior). Contact AV Support with your current version number to request a key file.

AV 2020.2.7

AvaTax - There was an issue parsing very long responses from AvaTax.

Import Wizard - Dates were not importing.

Product - New product custom alpha field: ProdInfo21

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Don't allow PO void if active Purchase Events exist for it.

Qty Reserve - Bug Fix: Qty Reserve Locked was incorrect under certain conditions.

Split Orders - New Feature: Sales Orders can be split by line item warehouse into multiple orders at save.

AV 2020.2.6

Accounts Payable - Change: Remove Restriction on AP processing when Reconcile is open.

Accounts Receivable - AR Aging report would not allow only Client Deposits to be printed.

AP Voucher - Change: Add 'pushpin' button to save column widths on GL tab of the AP Voucher detail screen.

Background Task - Improved user management of background tasks in the AV Server Status window.

BigCommerce - Support for discounts and coupons added.

EasyPost - APO/FPO support added.

EasyPost - Only print extra forms for international shipments.

EasyPost - Bug Fix: Error message when reprinting domestic labels.

Excel - Bug Fix: Could not manually enter .xlsx file names.

List View - Change: List View screens now have a help icon button at the bottom that takes you to the AcctVantage ERP Support Portal.

Navigation - Bug Fix: Multiple windows were not being opened when appropriate.

Web Integrations - If inventory percentage to sync of a product changes, immediately push that change to the webstore.

Web Integrations - Products not marked as 'Sync to Webstore' could be uploaded to webstores.

AV 2020.2.5 (Oct 2020)

AvaTax - In certain situations, taxes for kit products could be calculated incorrectly.

AV 2020.2.4

EasyPost - Bug fix: Script conflicts resolved.

AV 2020.2.3 (Sept 2020)

AvaTax - AvaTax communication was being disrupted.

AV 2020.2.2

Change: Inventory mismatch error checking improvements.

Bug Fix: action menu "mark as picked" not handling errors right.

AV 2020.2.1

User - Bug Fix: Changes to User Access not being saved.

AV 2020.2.0 (August 2020)

A/P Make Payments - Bug Fix: If a check was marked to void from a check run, the 'next check' number was not getting updated properly.

Aging Report Printing - Bug Fix: Aging reports were not always respecting the selected printer and appropriate page orientation.

Credit Cards - In certain cases, batches of credit card pre-authorizations  would fail to authorize.

Email - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, Correspondence records created when Sales Documents are emailed were not linked to the document that was sent.

Email - New Feature: MS Office 365/Exchange is now supported.

Inventory Transaction - Change: The inventory transaction list view now has filters for Void, Not Void, Posted & Unposted.

Mobile - Bug Fix: For users in a group, their mobile permissions were not getting saved properly when the group was changed.

Mobile Pick/Pack - The Warehouse detail form was cleaned up and updated to support a default custom form for printing at Mobile Pick/Pack save.

Planner Task - Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, saving a 'timeless' task would show a dialog about time conflict/overlap.

Product - New Feature: Mobile Pick/Pack now supports lots, and there are new checkboxes on the Product detail screen for 'Track Lots' and 'Track Expiration' for lots.

Warehouse - Bug Fix: Warehouse Location character count is was not consistent.

AV 2020.1.8

AvaTax - In certain situations sales tax could be cleared for orders using a non-AvaTax tax area.

EasyPost - When printing shipping labels, a non-fatal error message would sometimes appear.

Sales Document - In certain situations changes made to checkboxes on the Bill of Lading tab would not be saved.

AV 2020.1.7

Custom Forms - Stop replacing spaces in PDF files names with underscores.

Custom Forms - PDF attachments were getting the 'pdf' extension twice on the file name.

EasyPost - Show EasyPost customs invoice for international shipments.

EasyPost - Support for Incoterms added.

EasyPost - All communications with EasyPost are now logged.

Email - Bug Fix: Could not a email a Sales Document, Purchase Order or Client Statement if the parent Client or Vendor did not have a default email address.

Email - Bug Fix: When emailing a Sales Document, Purchase Order or Client Statement, the Correspondence record sometimes got assigned an incorrect email address.

Email Purchase Order - When using the Email Action Menu item on the Purchase Order list view, the user can now select one or more reports to send from a list of Custom Forms.

Email Sales Document - When using the Email Action Menu item on the Sales Orders list view, the user can now select one or more reports to send from a list of Custom Forms.

External Import - Part numbers were incorrectly being limited to 20 characters.

Import Wizard - Build cost and default PO cost were not recalculating when importing Assembly and Kit components.

Import Wizard - Booleans were not being set during imports.

Printing - In certain situations alternate printers could not be selected.

System Setup - Interacting with certain controls in the Setup dialog could cause the setup record to be unloaded.

AV 2020.1.6

EasyPost - Default label printer was not being use on Windows.

Receipt - In certain situations credit card receipts could not be posted.

AV 2020.1.5

User - Change: Avoid a server restart when new users are added.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Could not explode a WO that had a serialized component.

AV 2020.1.4 (June 2020)

Fiscal Periods - Change: Allow a fiscal year to be defined that is longer than 365 days.

List View - Bug Fix: Excel export was not always formatting negative dollar amounts or dates properly.

Mobile - Bug Fix: AV Mobile Inventory Maintenance transaction display quantity was incorrect. (Inventory quantity was correct.)

Product - Bug Fix: Don't allow a Product to be deleted if it appears on Sales Document line items.

AV 2020.1.3

User - Bug Fix: Some User permissions were not getting set correctly when updating to AV 20.1.

AV 2020.1.2

BigCommerce - Support for accepting and capturing Pre-Authorizations from BigCommerce.

AV 2020.1.1

Background Tasks - Bug Fix: Tasks assigned to update historical data during a product name change would sometimes get 'stuck.'

Web Integrations - Bug Fix: In certain situations the order import service would fail to start.

AV 2020.1.0 (May 2020)

Administration - Change: Users who are of the Type 'Administrator' can now create a balancing check register entry.

Administration - Change: Users who are of the Type 'Administrator' can now edit scheduled script run schedules.

Administration - Change: Users who are of the Type 'Administrator' can now edit script parameters.

Administration - Change: Users who are of the Type 'Administrator' can now rebuild inventory sub accounts.

AvaTax - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances a sales order void could cause an error.

Big Commerce - Change: Customer Group can now be retrieved through the API.

Client Statement - Change: A custom form must now be used to generate Client Statements.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: The custom boolean check boxes on the Custom Form detail form were not working properly.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Custom Form installers weren't including custom fields.

Email - Change: There is an improved dialog to configure outgoing email of Sales DocsPurchase Orders and Client Statements.

General - New Feature: Access to data can be restricted at the record level using scripting.

GL Account - Bug Fix: (cosmetic) Memo field was overlapping the Other Info section on the GL Account detail form.

GL Transaction View - Change: There are now filters for each transaction type.

Importer - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, Vendors imported via the Importer feature could be assigned incorrect IDs.

Inventory Maintenance - Change: Display the GL asset account clearly on the Inventory Maintenance detail form.

Inventory Maintenance - Bug Fix: Could not draw an Assembly with serialized component using Inventory Maintenance.

Export List View to Excel - List View Exports now have an option to send to Excel.

Journal Reports - Change: Add Journal reports to list of Available Reports.

Journal Reports - Printed journals for Adjustment and Voucher were causing an error dialog to appear. (The reports worked fine.)

List View - New List View: MRP Items

List View - New List View: Work Order Process

List View - New List View: A/R Transactions

List View - New List View: A/P Transactions

List View - New List View: Warehouse Transfer Detail

List View - New List View: Receipt Detail

List View - New Feature: List view export can now be to Excel or tab delimited text.

Mobile - Bug Fix: The mobile Inventory Maintenance 'Scrap' option was not using the 'Scrap' GL Account code when creating the Inventory Maintenance record.

Mobile - Change: Add the mobile field 'Receive Note' text field to PO > Receiving.

Receipts - Change: Batch Deposits can now create one register entry per receipt if desired.

Sales Documents - Change: Allow canceling in most cases of Sales Docs that have approved CC Auth activity.

Sales Order/Backorder - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a back-ordered, taxable Sales Order line item was non-taxable on the Ord-BO.

Web Integrations - Change: Communication details via API calls are now saved in the System Log window

AV 2020.0.13

Bug Fix: When using the Sales Order Action Menu to process credit card pre-auth captures, the Receipt Amount was set to $0.

AV 2020.0.12

Big Commerce - Bug Fix: Guest account orders were not creating new client records.

AV 2020.0.11 (April 2020)

System Setup - Bug Fix: Payment Gateway dropdown list was not working.

Mobile - Bug Fix: Printing newer hmReport-style custom forms was not working.

Client - Change: Client Statement emails can now be generated using a custom form.

EasyPost - Printer selection was not being respected when printing labels with EasyPost.

New Feature: Auto-PO screen can be exported to a text file.

Change: Sales Report formatting updated to maximize horizontal space usage.

AV 2020.0.10

Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a Work Order could create an inappropriate balancing GL entry in the Work Order offset account.

Bug Fix: PM Excel_SendRow is not handling numbers properly.

Change: Update error message for inventory qty mismatch.

EasyPost: New 'label' button to view the label generated in a browser.

Big Commerce - Bug fix: Bill To Address was not being copied to the Client record.

Web Integrations: New warning when editing orders that originated from web stores.

AV 2020.0.9

Posting - Bug Fix: Printing journals for Vouchers and Adjustments could generate an error.

Posting - Bug fix: The Print Preview checkbox in the Post Transactions window was not working.

Products - Bug fix: An error was occurring when new products were being saved.

AV 2020.0.8 (March 2020)

Email - Email sent from AV can now appear in the sender's IMAP Sent Items folder.

-> Requires IMAP server name be added to System Configuration.

Mobile - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, requesting a mobile list view could cause error on AV Server.

NACHA - Bug Fix: General fixes to the NACHA export file.

Product - Secondary Vendor on the product table is now indexed for quicker searches.

Progress Dialog - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, progress dialogs would not respond to a close request.

Work Order - Change: Prevent Work Orders from being voided if any of their components could not be voided.

AV 2020.0.7

Scripting - Add support for nested script calls.

General - Bug fix: In certain situations progress meters could become stuck.

AV 2020.0.6

List View - Bug Fix: List views now update properly even when records are edited in a separate window.

Mobile PO Receive - Change: Allow receive quantity to exceed order quantity.

Order/Backorder - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, ship quantity on an Ord-BO may have been incorrectly set to zero.

Product - New: Allow Product Class to be changed if no inventory is present.

Utility - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, some GL transactions could fail to roll up to the GL Summary level.

Warehouse Transfer - Change: Ignore Qty Reserve when tranferring within a warehouse.

AV 2020.0.4

BigCommerce - Basic kit support for BigCommerce orders.

AV 2020.0.2

Printing - New version of hmReports plugin.

AV 2020.0.0

General - MacOS Catalina 10.15 support added.

Magento - No longer supported

Mobile - Product lookup was returning multiple of the same product.

Mobile - Access to Pick Pack is now tied to the Pick Pack item in the menu item access list on the User record. Make sure it's on for each user needing that feature.

Mobile - Access to PO Receive is now tied to a new 'Other Access' setting on the User record. Turn it on for each user that need that feature.

Printing - In certain situations reports that were not marked to print as 'Once per record' were losing their selection of records.

Reporting - Several reports were not printing correctly on Windows.

System Setup - Bug fix: Product Label fields in System Configuration were not enterable.

EasyPost - AcctVantage is using the latest security protocol for communication with the EasyPost API.